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4 Easy Tips To Prevent Coat Peeling

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4 Easy Tips To Prevent Coat Peeling

No one likes to see the clear coat on their car peel or chip, but rest assured Cleantools is here to help. Join us as we go over why your car's clear coat is peeling and tips on how to prevent it from happening. 

What Causes Clear Coat Peeling?

Multiple factors cause clear coat peeling on a car, many of which are due to poor maintenance, exposure to environmental elements, and harsh cleaning products. 

Snow & Ice

If you live in a climate where there is a lot of snow, you may be at a higher risk of car paint peeling since extended exposure to extreme cold causes paint to become brittle. Not only that, snow and ice alone can scratch the clear coat on your car, sometimes even damaging the actual paint. When roads are icy, salt and gravel are often laid so that there is traction, but are often kicked up, causing coat damage and sometimes rust underneath the car. 

UV Rays

On the contrary to snow and ice, strong UV rays from the sun can also cause clear coat damage. Unlike snow and ice, UV rays don’t have to physically touch your car to cause “peeling”—it does it through oxidation. 

What’s the Difference Between Oxidation and Peeling?

It’s important to distinguish between oxidation and peeling since they require different forms of treatment and preventative measures. When oxidation occurs, paint loses its shine and becomes dull due to sun exposure and harsh UV rays. Clear coat peeling involves the actual lifting or flaking of the clear coat layer, leaving the underlying paint exposed. 

What’s the Difference Between Oxidation and Peeling?

Harsh Cleaning Products

Another common cause for clear coat peeling on your car is the use of harsh chemicals and household cleaners. If you want to wash your car on your own and save the time, hassle, and money on professional car washing, make sure you use the appropriate cleaning products. Many times dish soaps or other household cleaners have high pH levels and are alkaline-rich, making a clear coat deteriorate at a much quicker rate. Use soaps that are specially formulated for the use of cars, and make sure you’re diluting your solution as directed. 

4 Easy Tips To Prevent Clear Coat Peeling

Avoid Automatic Car Washes

If you’re serious about keeping your clear coat scratch and peel-free, then you must avoid automatic or drive-through car washes. Even though they offer convenience and seem to get the job done well enough, nylon brushes and high-pressure jets often cause scratches, swirl marks, and paint peeling. There are eco-car washers that clean cars with safe methods like steam cleaning, which gives superior cleaning without the risk of clear coat peeling. 

Use Quality Car Cleaning Products

When you’re cleaning your car, harsh cleaning products in your cupboards or under your sink won’t cut it. You’ll need cleaning products specially designed for cars, like the super soft towels from CleanTools. Choosing products made for your car makes a huge difference in how well your car's clear coat holds up.

Regularly Wash and Wax Your Car

You may wash your car often, but are you getting it waxed each time, too? If not, it’s always best to wax your car after you wash it to prevent clear coat peeling since it creates a protective barrier between the outside elements such as bugs, acid rain, and extreme weather conditions. We also recommend using a wax that has UV protection to further protect the appearance of your car. 

Use Paint Protections

Similar to wax, there are paint protection films that offer additional protection to your car. Paint protection films act the same way a screen protector does on your phone; they act as a barrier from rocks, ice, and other extreme weather conditions. This type of job should be left up to professionals to ensure that the paint protection film is applied correctly. 

How To Fix Car Clear Coat Peeling?

  • Clean the Impacted Area

  • Get the car surface super clean with special car cleaning solutions. Make sure you dry and polish the car thoroughly with the best towels for cars

  • Inspect the Damage

  • After cleaning the car, determine what’s causing the paint to chip or peel—it could be due to extreme weather events, the sun’s UV rays, and harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Remove the Old Clear Coat

  • Once you understand why the clear coat is peeling, remove it entirely. This can be done with scouring pads, but you can also take your car to a professional who will have better tools and practices. 

  • Spray Some Fresh Clear Coat

  • You can replace your car's damaged clear coat by spraying a new one on. They sell clear coat cans at stores, but you can also take your car to professionals for industry-grade clear coat application. 

    Make Your Car Look Brand-New With CleanTools

    The main contributors to car paint cracking or peeling are extreme weather conditions, the sun’s UV rays, and bad cleaning practices. By understanding the causes of clear coat peeling and having the right resources, you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your car's paint for years to come. At CleanTools, we’re here to help you address any signs of peeling and provide the proper tools to preserve your vehicle's appearance and value.

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