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What’s the Best Car Color to Hide Scratches and Dirt?

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What’s the Best Car Color to Hide Scratches and Dirt?

Most Popular Car Colors To Help Hide Dirt And Scratches


White cars are one of the most common on the road because of their clean look. There’s a good reason for that! They’re excellent at concealing dust, grime, and water stains. And it is the easiest color to keep clean, as long as you’re not driving on dirt or red clay roads. Clay is easy to spot on a white car, but it’s difficult to remove without constant washes.


Although black cars are favored for their sleek appearance, that’s only if they’re kept in perfect condition. They’re the worst color at hiding flaws such as dust, mud, stains, grime, and bird droppings. Those bi-weekly or monthly cleanings may become weekly with a black car body.


Of the 3 most popular, silver is the best car color to hide dirt and scratches. It can save you on the time and money spent regularly maintaining your car’s stylish appearance because you can visibly go longer without needing a wash. That being said, it’s still not the best paint color for cars to hide scratches and grime.

Which Car Color Hides Dirt Best?

If you’re wondering which car color hides dirt best, it’s undoubtedly going to be the shades that most closely resemble dirt. While this might seem like it’d make for an unpleasant appearance, this would actually include beautiful neutral colors such as gray, champagne, or an airy brown. Whether you regularly travel across dusty roads or live in a rainy climate, you can depend on these car paint colors to avoid excessive, time-consuming, and costly washes.

What’s the Best Color to Hide Scratches?

While dirt can be annoying to look at, you’d probably rather know the best paint colors to hide imperfections cars get from scrapes, grinds, dents, and other incidents that ruin smooth surface texture. Avoid expensive cosmetic repairs or touch-ups by investing in a car with a lighter-colored paint job. This would include gray, beige, light brown, white and silver as discussed earlier and also the off white car color.

It’s important to note that while silver is better at hiding scratches, if you do decide to get them painted over, it can be hard to match the existing metallic shade exactly as is.

Other Colors to Consider

There are other car colors that you might see frequently that we haven’t mentioned! Dark blue, candy red, and maroon are among the favored shades following the 3 most popular neutrals. However, because of their darker or more eye-catching complexion, they’re not very good at hiding dust and most other flaws.

You might also spot the occasional dark green or bright yellow automobile passing you by on the road! For the most part, you can assume that more boldly-colored cars, although attractive-looking, will require heavier upkeep on its appearance that would signify frequent washes and pricey touch-ups.

How to Maintain a Clean Car to Prevent Scratches And Dirt

The best way to maintain a clean car exterior is giving it a wash every other week or so. This will keep the dirt from accumulating so you won’t have to scrub at it and potentially damage the paint job. For the same reason, it’s better to get it hand-washed then having it go through abrasive automatic washing lots.

If you decide to wash your car yourself gather:

Park your car in the shade to avoid sun warpings warping paint? its part during the wash. You can use a pressure washer to wet your car and begin running the dirt and debris off its surface.

Lather your Premium Wash Mitt, designed to hold more water for fewer bucket dips, with car shampoo and run it over the car body and windows. If your car has matte finishing, we suggest going in with the DipRagz™ washcloth instead: it won’t stick to the paint like a microfiber mitt would. designed to not get caught on the paint. We also advise using another mitt exclusively for washing the wheels and underbody to avoid scratching the body with grit.

Give the car a final rinse and dry it off in no time with The Absorber®, whose PVA material soaks up more water than microfiber or traditional drying clothes. With these tips, you can easily maintain a clean car appearance!

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