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Can Cleaning Your Car Improve Your Gas Mileage?

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can cleaning your car improve your gas mileage
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MythBusters Study: Does a Clean Car Get Better Gas Mileage?

In a study conducted by the MythBusters, the same car was driven in multiple test runs to determine if a dirty car can get better mpg (miles per gallon) than a clean car. Initially, it was proposed that a layer of dirt would give the car a “golf ball-like effect” for improved aerodynamics and subsequently-bettered fuel efficiency.

To complete their research—and label this myth as such or as “plausible”—co-hosts Adam and Jamie caked a car in mud and drove the car to record its measure of mpg. They then cleaned and drove the vehicle again to note that mpg rating. They repeated this process for a series of drives in the same car for the highest possible level of accuracy.

After processing the results of their experiment, it was concluded that the car was actually more fuel-efficient when it was clean: it averaged 2 mpg more than when it was dirty. The dirty car’s average gas mileage fell at around 24 mpg while the clean car hit 26.

Why is it that cleaning your car could serve as mpg car care?

Clean Car Better Gas Mileage

Why Does a Clean Car Get Better Gas Mileage?

Although it may not seem very meaningful initially, the surface of your car can affect your gas mileage and fuel efficiency. This is because when your car is wiped of all protruding debris—and even so much as waxed—passing air can move across freely. Without the air getting stuck and having to navigate its way around any chunks or particles of dust and grime, your car will experience less resistance driving forward so it will be able to get better gas mileage or get better mpg.

This means that at home, how to get better gas mileage in a car will involve cleaning your vehicle since a dirty surface limits airflow and increases friction for a lower mpg rating.

Best Products to Clean Your Car With at CleanTools

Looking to clean your car to save on time and gas? Leverage the outstanding automotive home care products at CleanTools for all your car washing and drying needs.

Washing With Premium CleanTools

The CleanTools Premium Wash Mitt is made from a durable, gentle wool/polyester/nylon blend that holds more soap and water for less soap bucket-dipping when you wash your car.


Does your car have a special dipped or matte finish? We’ve got you covered with our non-abrasive, mildew-resistant DipRagz™ cloth. Its sponge-like material glides over your car and retains more water than competing products to maximize your washing efficiency.

When you’re finished, you can toss both wash products in the washing machine. We recommend that you keep a premium wash mitt dedicated solely to cleaning your car wheels and that this is washed separately so the particles don’t attach to the other tools and scratch your vehicle.

Drying With Super-Absorbent CleanTools

The Absorber® is unlike anything else in the automotive home care industry because it is made out of PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). This material gives our soft, mold-resistant cloth unmatched drying and convenience capabilities.


This product comes in an array of sizes to match that of your car or your other vehicles: the Absorber® XL, the Absorber® XXL, and the Absorber® Mini. The latter also comes in a 3-pack as the Absorber® Mini (3-pack).

No matter the size, our practical, super-absorbent drying cloth will help you finish off your car cleaning more quickly so you can notice the better mpg and fuel efficiency sooner.

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