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Should I Have My Car Detailed Before Trading it in?

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Car Detailed Before Trading

Trading your car in can be a little overwhelming. From making sure you’re getting a good trade-in price to choosing your next ride, there are a lot of steps that go into it—so it’s understandable that cleanliness and detailing are probably the last things on your mind. Still, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list at all.

If you’re wondering why I should get my car detailed before trading it in, keep reading. We’ll explain why it’s probably a good idea to do so.

What Is the Cost of Detailing a Car?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning and sprucing up your car’s interior and exterior to make it look better. This goes beyond a typical wash. Like most car services, the cost of detailing your car varies based on what type of detailing you are looking for, the model of the car you have, and exactly what you want out of the service. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay about $100-$300 for detailing your car. 

What Goes Into Car Detailing?

There are three main areas of detailing: cleaning, enhancement, and protection. Here is what may go into a car detailing session:

  • Shampoo and vacuum mats and seats
  • Exterior wash and dry
  • Waxing and polishing
  • Paint protection 
  • Ceramic coating

The Value Detailing Adds to a Car

Imagine going that you’re shopping for a home, and you see a house with a yard full of weeds and paint peeling off the shutters. Even though nothing is fundamentally wrong with the house, you’ll probably be less inclined to buy it because your initial reaction is that it’s run-down. 

The same logic applies to trading in your car. When you go to a dealership, you want to be sure that your car is in a favorable condition. Granted, detailing your car won’t reverse the miles on the odometer, but presenting it to the dealership when it’s clean and taken care of may just help boost your trade-in value.

Additionally, detailing your car at least once a year can help preserve its value. That’s why it’s a good idea to detail your car even if you aren’t planning on trading it in anytime soon. 

Is It Really Worth Detailing Your Car Before Trading It In?

The short answer: yes. Detailing your car can help it look good when you go to trade it in. And this can help boost your trade-in value. If you’re still on the fence about detailing your car, consider at least washing the interior and exterior of your car. A full detailing service isn’t always necessary to improve your car’s appearance.  

Our Trade-In Detailing Checklist

Maybe you want to try detailing your car yourself—many people do! Here’s a checklist of things to take care of when you get to detailing your car before trading it in:

  • Remove all trash and accessories, like phone chargers and air fresheners
  • Vacuum the entire interior—don’t forget to vacuum under the seats and trunk as well
  • Clean upholstery, floors, carpets, dashboard, seatbelts, cupholders, and anything else
  • Use an odor eliminator
  • Wash your car’s exterior
  • Clean the glass of your car—windows, mirrors, etc.
  • Scrub down the tires
  • Polish and wax your car 

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