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How to Clean Your Car’s Cloth Seats?

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cleaning seat with the absorber

Picture this: a glossy paint job, just-shined rims, and a crystal-clear windshield. It’s nice, right? 

Now imagine the next scene. You get into the car, and the seats are dirty. Not a good look.

It’s important for the inside of your car to look just as good as the outside. If you have cloth car seats, it could be a bit of a challenge. Lucky for you, we have all the steps you need to clean your car’s cloth seats and leave them looking like new. 

How Often Should You Clean Cloth Seats?

Life happens—especially when it comes to your car. Messy toddlers, shedding dogs, and spilled food are all common culprits of dirty car seats. No matter what the interior of your car encounters, though, it’s important to keep it clean. 

We recommend vacuuming your cloth car seats once a week and spot-treating fresh stains or spills right away. We also recommend a general cleaning of your cloth car seats at least once a month and a deep cleaning twice a year.  Keeping your car seats clean is a great way to ensure your car is in its best possible condition. Also, no one likes to ride around in a dirty car. 

What You’ll Need To Clean Your Car’s Fabric?

Intimidated by cleaning your car? Don’t be. It’s fairly straightforward, and you probably already have most of the materials handy. Here’s a list of things you’ll need:

  • A vacuum with a hose attachment
  • An upholstery brush 
  • A scrub brush
  • A spray bottle
  • Sponges
  • A bucket
  • A good towel—like The Absorber®
  • Water
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Optional: fabric protectant  

5 Steps on Cleaning Cloth Seats Yourself

Okay, you’ve got all your materials. Ready to get cleaned? Follow these steps for learning how to clean cloth car seats effectively on your own.

  1. Vacuum Your Seats

    Vacuuming as the first step is essential.  It will help lift crumbs, dust, and other debris off your seats. That way, when it comes to using wet materials, nothing will be pushed further into the fabric of the seats. During this step, you can also use the upholstery brush to help lift any loose fibers from the fabric.

  2. Focus on the Stains

    After you vacuum, pre-treat any stains you see before doing your overall cleaning. Work in the upholstery cleaner with your scrub brush anywhere you see a stain. Let it set for 15 minutes. Then, it’s time for the general cleaning.

  3. Use the Upholstery Cleaner

    Put the upholstery cleaner into a spray bottle and spritz the fabric everywhere. Apply it lightly, starting at the top of the seat and working your way down.

  4. Scrub It Away

    After your seats are damp from the upholstery cleaner solution, scrub your seats with a scrub brush. Again, work from the top down; this ensures that the dirtiness drips down. Rinse your brush in water as often as needed.

  5. Wipe Away Residual Moisture

    This is where The Absorber® comes in handy. Run it over your car seats to catch any excess dampness. 

  6. Dry the Seats

    For best results, allow the seats to dry completely before using your car. This could take up to three hours, but it’s well worth it. If your car is still too damp, you can try using a drying agent to soak up extra moisture. 

After Step 6, congratulations, you have successfully cleaned your car seats! If you still notice that your seats are heavily soiled, you can repeat the steps until you get the desired results.

3 Tips To Keep Your Car Seats Clean

Cleaning your car is one thing. Preventing future messes is another. Although there is no way to guarantee your car remains spotless, these three tips can help you on cleaning cloth car seats and also your car seats stay clean longer.

    1. Apply fabric protector. A spray-on fabric protector is a great way to give your cloth car seats a little extra boost from any daily dirt and grime that may build up. 
    2. Keep a towel in your car. In the case of an emergency spill, you’re going to want an absorbent towel. That stash of napkins you keep in your glove compartment is great, but it won’t be enough. 

    3. Avoid eating food in your car. Whether you are road-tripping or spending your lunch break in the comfort of your car, food is a common cause of car seat stains. We’re not saying avoid it all out (that would be tough), but keep food consumption in your car to a minimum. Beware of crumb-prone foods—like chips and sandwiches—and ensure that you drink from a sealed cup. 

CleanTools Helps Keeps Your Seat Clean 

No matter the type of car you drive,  The Absorber® is an essential. It will outlast and outperform any basic towel—making it perfect for cleaning up car spills, wiping your seats, and more. 

Keep your car looking great and shop The Absorber® today.

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