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Even if you’ve spent all afternoon carefully washing your car with the best tools and the most effective cleansers, your car still isn’t going to be completely clean until it’s dried properly. Although you could just leave your car out in the sun to drip-dry and call it a day, that can be almost as bad as not washing it. Because, water droplets left on your car’s finish may still contain dirt, impurities, and grit that won’t evaporate with the water. Once the water evaporates, those bits of dirt and grit wind up sticking to your car’s finish in the form of ugly water spots. Grabbing an old towel and rubbing the surface of your car is no good, either. Reason being, you could just end up grinding tiny specks of grit into your car’s finish, which could leave awful-looking scratches.

Knowing how to dry your car after a wash is just as important as washing it in the first place.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next car wash and keep your paint job safe when you dry:


Use The Right Tools

Having the right tool for the job is half the battle when it comes to the best way to dry your car. The cotton terrycloth towels you use on yourself after a shower are terrible for drying your car because they leave lint and can scratch your paint. The unique polyvinyl alcohol construction of The Absorber, however, makes it ideal for soaking up water without damaging the paint. Because it can be wrung dry and used again and again, The Absorber works extremely well at absorbing every last drop of water on your car.

Be Gentle

For areas where standing water is left after washing your car, use a gentle sweeping motion with light pressure. On areas where there is little standing water, a simple blotting motion will suffice. When using The Absorber, its highly absorbent material means you can dry your car with as little contact as possible — minimizing the potential for scratching the surface.

Get Everywhere

You don’t want water anywhere on your car’s surface, where it can dry and leave spots. However, it’s not always possible to reach behind certain areas of your car to wipe away water or blot it. That’s why it’s a good idea to put your car in motion — even for a short distance — to allow gravity and airflow to wick water away from your car. Driving up and down the driveway can be enough to cause water to roll away from those hard-to-reach areas. Also, make sure you open doors and windows to give water a chance to flow away from them.

Follow Up With Protection

Once your car is dry, you’ll want to put an extra layer of protection on it right away to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. The Drying Glosser not only helps dry your car, but the layer of wax contained between its microfiber cloth layers will wax your car as you dry it. For polishing any aluminum or chrome details, Buffing Balls will help ensure the best possible shine without damage.


    Knowing how to dry your car the right way is just as important as cleaning it the right way. Make sure your next car wash is topped off with the right drying tools and techniques. CleanTools has everything you need to keep your car looking its best, so take a look at our collection of automotive products and find what you need.

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