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You take great care of your car, regularly washing and waxing it to ensure it stays shiny and in like-new condition. Yet have you ever thought about the condition of your actual wheels (not the tires)? If you have not polished or cleaned your aluminum wheels recently, you could be setting the stage for corrosion and detracting from the overall look of your vehicle. Let us guide you on how to polish your aluminum rims.

The Problem With Aluminum Rims

Aluminum rims are a great option because they give the car a smooth ride. However, the one downside to aluminum rims is the high risk of damage from road debris and more specifically brake dust. Brake dust is made from tiny metal shavings from the rotor and carbon fibers from the brake pad that, when combined, are highly corrosive. Brake dust is inevitable so it is important to polish and buff your wheels to ensure they are not being damaged.

Before you jump into polishing aluminum wheels, make sure you are tackling the job in the right way.

Here's the best way to polish aluminum wheels:

  1. Rinse the wheel wells thoroughly to remove brake dust and road grime. Be sure to get into the crevices and clean behind the wheels as well as the wheel well.
  2. Use an aluminum wheel cleaner to clean the wheels more effectively. The best aluminum wheel cleaners are designed to be non-acidic, so they will not tarnish the aluminum.
  3. Buff the wheels using a Buffing Ball on a 3/8” drill with an aluminum wheel polish. The fibers of the Buffing Ball will get into the crevices you can't reach to achieve a brilliant shine.
  4. When buffing aluminum wheels, do a small portion of the wheel at a time, because aluminum polish turns black quickly. After buffing, use a clean towel and remove the polish before it changes color. Repeat on the next portion of the wheel.
  5. Wipe everything with a dry towel then a wet towel to remove polish still lingering on the wheels.
  6. Dry everything thoroughly using The Absorber to ensure you do not leave water spots.

Find the Best Products for Cleaning Aluminum Wheels at CleanTools

The task of cleaning aluminum wheels becomes a bit easier with the right tools. Although the quality of the aluminum rim cleaner is important, the towels and buffing tools you use will also play a role in the effectiveness of the job. CleanTools has a number of products that will make this job a breeze. Use The Absorber and the Buffing Ball to clean and buff your aluminum wheels in little time, so you can enjoy shiny rims and wheels that match the rest of your car.

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