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No matter how much you want to protect your car’s finish, some damage is inevitable. Your car is always under attack from dust, dirt, and other particles that can scratch your paint. One of the most common types of scratches is swirl marks, which are very fine scratches that appear as swirls on your hood, trunk, or other flat surfaces. These marks occur when dust or other particulates become trapped in a washcloth, buffer or chamois, and are rubbed against the surface of your paint. That dust scratches the paint, and light reflected by the sides of these scratches can make them easier to see. They can also be caused by car covers that are not clean, automated car wash brushes, or dust and dirt left when a car is not properly rinsed after washing.

Swirl marks on your car can give it a dull, unattractive appearance, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with them. Anyone wanting to know how to get swirl marks out of paint should know that they can be polished with the right tools. Although they can’t be avoided completely, the worst of them can be prevented with some basic care.

Taking Care of Swirl Marks

Removing swirl marks by hand requires the use of car polish, and there are some products that are specifically created for that purpose. Once the swirl marks have been buffed out of your car’s finish, you can use The Glosser from CleanTools to help keep its surface free of the dust and grit that can cause swirl marks and other types of scratches. The Glosser’s wax fabric sandwiched between two layers of cleaner-infused fabric removes dust and debris from the surface of your car while waxing. This makes it easier to keep up with the accumulation of dirt your car constantly picks up.

Most swirl marks are caused by dust and grit trapped inside cleaning tools and towels. By simply ensuring that the cleaning tools you’re using are clean and thoroughly rinsed between uses can help prevent most swirl marks and scratches. CleanTools offers a wide variety of products designed to keep your car clean and help reduce the appearance of swirl marks. Our Premium Wash Mitt from CleanTools holds an incredible amount of water and traps in the dust causing your paint swirls. Make sure to completely rinse it after each use and keep it clean when not in use. When drying with The Absorber, be careful not to drop it on the ground as it can pick up particles from the pavement. If that happens, simply rinse it off and it will be good to go! Preventative maintenance on your cleaning supplies will only help the next time you give your baby a bath.

You may not be able to prevent dust and grit from attacking your car’s finish, but you don’t have to live with the results, either.

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