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keep your car clean

Most auto enthusiasts know the pride that comes with a clean vehicle. Tooling down the road in a shiny, glossy machine free from grit and grime just feels better. In addition to the mental benefits, there are other reasons to pay close attention to your vehicle’s cleanliness. Caring for your car or truck inside and out does a lot to affect its resale value, as well. Even if you don’t mind driving with a little dirt on your fenders, it can be well worth the effort to give your vehicle a shine and polish every so often.

Here are some tips you can use for your next car cleaning session that can help you get the most value from it:

 Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

Cleaning the Interior

An automobile naturally becomes more “lived in” the longer you drive it. However, going too long without sprucing up the interior means you may not get as much for it when you try to trade or sell it.

  • Vacuum floorboards and seats

A good car interior cleaning regimen includes vacuuming the floorboards as well as the seats.
  • Wash the inside of windows

Washing the inside of the windows prevents them from appearing dull and dingy.
  • Shampoo floor mats

Remove the floor mats and shampoo them on a regular basis.
  • Wipe down the dashboard

For keeping your dashboard and other details clean, a good microfiber cloth such as the Dash Gear from CleanTools will do the job. The Dash Gear traps and removes dirt and dust easily without leaving lint or fibers like a cotton rag.
  • Declutter the trunk

Also, don’t forget to remove the clutter from your trunk. Any junk you carry will lower your fuel efficiency. This can make your car seem that much less appealing to a potential buyer.

Washing the Exterior

The outside of your vehicle should be the first thing someone sees. That means keeping it in tip-top shape is essential for making a good impression on anyone interested in buying it.

  • Wash your vehicle regularly

Washing it regularly is important, but the right car exterior cleaning process is critical.

  • Use car soap

Use soap specially formulated for vehicles, as other detergents may cause damage to your finish over time.

  • Wash wheels and tires first

Always wash your wheels and tires first, and make sure to use a different cloth or mitt before starting on the body. Abrasive grit can get trapped in the fibers and scratch your paint.


Proper drying often is overlooked, but it can significantly impact your vehicle’s appearance.

  • Use an absorbent drying tool

When using The Absorber, for instance, its unique construction draws as much water as possible. This can ensure that spots won’t mar your finish.
  • Make sure to wax and polish

Finally, a good wax not only leaves a shine but also a protective coating that will simplify cleaning next time. The Glosser makes polishing your vehicle a breeze, thanks to its layer of wax between two layers of microfiber cloth.


There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a car that looks its best. Keeping yours in peak condition will help you get the most out of it — in more ways than one. CleanTools can provide you with everything you need, so place an order today.

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