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The Ultimate RV Cleaning Tips

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cleaning your RV

RV Exterior Cleaning Tips

If your RV exterior needs its shine back, follow our steps on homemade RV wash solution for cleaning RV exterior and product recommendations for a squeaky-clean surface.

How To Wash the Outside of Your RV

Don’t start washing your RV until you’ve parked it out of the sunlight. Then, wet it with a hose to loosen any dirt and debris. Keep in mind that high pressure or hot water can damage an RV. If you use a pressure hose, do so at least 16 feet away from it and avoid directly spraying any glass, appliances, or loose fixtures.

Apply plenty of car shampoo on a washing mitt to clean your car body in small circular motions. Be sure to use another mitt or old washcloth for your tires and hubcaps to prevent paint scratches. Once you rinse off the soap, wipe the entire outside dry with a non-abrasive towel or cloth. After the RV exterior has cooled down, you can rub a thin layer of wax to finish off the job.

Needed RV Exterior Cleaning Products

Here’s a list of exterior cleaning products you’ll need to get your RV road-ready:

RV Interior Cleaning Tips

Now that the outside of your RV sparkles, let’s get the inside comfortable for your family travel!

How To Clean:

RV Carpet

When a spill occurs, clean it up straight away before it sets! Blot it with a PVA towel. Once that’s done, apply carpet cleaner onto it. If you don’t have that, a homemade solution made of 1 teaspoon of dish soap for every two cups of water should work. To prevent stains from setting in the future, consider adding a carpet protectant.

RV Upholstery

No matter what type of upholstery you have, be sure to read the label before cleaning it. This avoids damage to the surface color or texture. If it’s made of fabric: vacuum out dirt and grime, wash removable covers on a gentle cycle, and deodorize using a spray or powder. For leather upholstery: vacuum and wipe it down with a DIY water-vinegar solution and towel. Let the upholstery sit overnight to carefully rub with a cloth the next day.

RV Kitchen Sink

For routine cleaning, use dish soap and a sponge to scrub the sink. Pour a bit of baking soda and scrub it into a paste-like consistency as an anti-bacterial solution. Get hard-to-reach areas with an old toothbrush and tough-on spots by laying down a white vinegar-soaked cloth or paper towel on top. Remember to rinse it off with warm water afterward!

RV Toilet

When it comes to your RV toilet—stick to gentle cleansers. Bleach and other harsh chemicals could damage or create an explosion in your waste tank. Use a sponge or soft scrubber instead of a plastic bristle brush so that your toilet isn’t scratched up. As a rule of thumb: whatever’s safe to use on your dishes should be good for your toilet too.

Must-Have RV Exterior Cleaning Products

Follow our cleaning methods to keep your RV interior tidy. The products we suggest using during these steps include:

  • The Absorber®
  • Carpet Cleaner
    • Alternative: 1 Tsp. Dish Soap to 2 Cups of Water
  • Carpet Protectant
  • Compact Vacuum
  • Fabric Deodorant
  • Air Freshener
  • DIY Water-Vinegar Solution
  • Sponge
  • Premium Wash Mitt
  • Baking Soda

Only two products were considered essential across both of our RV exterior and interior cleaning tips! The Absorber® and the CleanTools Premium Wash Mitt ease your washing and drying experience while also bringing you noticeably cleaner results. Treat your RV to nothing less than the best!

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