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You wouldn’t dream of driving your classic automobile through an automatic car wash, so why would you polish your prized possession with average cleaning products? Car collectors invest a lot of time — and money — in restoring vintage rides to their original glory, right down to the glimmering paint jobs and crushed velvet interiors. There is a proper way of how you should wash a classic car. Our top-notch classic car cleaning automotive products are so effective in helping you keep your car in mint condition, it will look like you just drove it off the lot in the 1950s, without a speck of dust or rust.

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Quick Tips for How to Keep Your Classic Car Looking Brand New:

Wash Your Car by Hand

It’s the one universal truth that every car collector agrees on: The only way to washing classic cars is by hand. That advice seems simple enough, but you can’t just use any old microfiber cloth. Towels and sponges made with terrycloth and other fabrics are not recommended, as they can scratch your car’s coat, and leave behind tiny lint fibers. Our Wash Mitt has been carefully crafted with a blend of polyester, wool, and nylon that you can safely glide over any type of finish, lifting the tiniest specks of dirt and debris for classic car care and top-notch classic car wash. The Wash Mitt is effective against dirt, but gentle enough to keep your car’s exterior free of unsightly scratches. To clean and wax your ride in one fell swoop, try The Glosser.


Avoid Excess Moisture

Rust is one of the biggest factors that compromise the appearance, and ultimately the value, of a classic vehicle. Certain climates make a car’s exterior and paint job more susceptible to oxidation, which is why many classic car aficionados make their homes in the Western United States. The Absorber is your first line of defense against excess moisture that can eventually damage a paint job and lead to corrosive rust damage that guarantees a car will never be the same. Don’t let The Absorber’s soft texture fool you; its porous fabric soaks up large quantities of water more effectively and gently than a chamois. When you need to go over the surface again, simply wring out the cloth, and glide it over your classic car’s exterior to sop up every last drop of moisturewithout leaving annoying streaks or water spots.

Dust Your Dash

When you’re cruising down the street, the first thing people see is your car’s showroom finish, but the interior of your vehicle is just as important as its exterior. After all, it’s what you see as you’re driving. Experts agree that a microfiber towel is an essential tool in your arsenal against dust. That’s why we’ve designed the state-of-the-art Dash Gear cloth. Its tiny fibers magnetically attract dust from vintage gauges, radios, and mirrors, even inside hard-to-reach corners. 

Polish the Chrome 

Nothing sets off a showroom-caliber car quite like detailing classic cars by glistening chrome accents. The CleanTools Buffing Balls affix to any drill and can rev up to speeds of 2500 RPM to restore pipes and rims to a sparkling shine, and to clear signs of oxidation from headlights, as well. Choose from three different sizes, depending on the amount of detail you’re hoping to achieve.
Your classic car is your pride and joy, so give it the occasional spa day by cleaning it with our line of interior and exterior automotive products. It will look as if you’ve stepped back in time and bought your car brand new.

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