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Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean During the Winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean During the Winter

Although vehicle maintenance goes beyond aesthetics, we can all agree driving a car that glistens inside and out is an instant mood booster. If you want your vehicle to last, it’s important to know how to clean your car when the weather changes. It’s essential to keep it in pristine condition year-round, especially when temperatures drop. Clean cars in the winter require extra care and preventative techniques that aren’t required as often during the summer season. 

Below, we’ll discuss how to clean your car during the winter and provide clean car winter tips.

How To Keep Your Car Clean in Winter

  1. Use your hands to rid excess ice and snow from your vehicle. Plastic scrapers are okay to eliminate snow from windows but could damage your paint. 
  2. Use warm water. If you can’t access warm water, warm up your car with a quick drive around the block. Then use a non-abrasive, professional-grade Wash Mitt. Lastly, completely dry your vehicle with a premium drying tool like The Absorber®
  3. Avoid washing in freezing temperatures. When the weather drops below 32°F water can potentially freeze doors and windows shut. 

Tips for a Cleaner Car in Winter

If you want to know how to clean your car in the winter, you should also know the following clean car winter tips.

Use Rubber Floor Mats

Swap out your current cloth floor mats for rubber ones. Rubber floor mats are water-resistant and will keep your interior flooring dry. 

Wipe Your Windows

Rid your windows of buildup and grime by periodically wiping them with a multipurpose towel like The Absorber® Mini

Wax Periodically

Use a high polymer sealant or top-shelf wax to keep dust, grime, and dirt to a minimum. Waxing your vehicle every three to four months will provide an extra coat of protection for your automobile. If you're curious how often you should wax your car you read more about that here.

Pad the Floors 

Place a mold and mildew-resistant towel under your rubber floor mats. A porous towel, like The Absorber®, will contain excess dirt, water, and slush that may cause components of your vehicle to rust. After a week, machine wash and reuse.

Use Mud Flaps

Mudflaps prevent road debris from damaging your vehicle and deflect loose gravel from chipping the windshield of surrounding cars.  

Park Indoors

Clean cars in winter require constant protection. When you can, protect your vehicle from the elements and park under a carport or in a garage. Not only will indoor parking protect your paint job and other components from weather erosion, but it will also keep your car running smoothly. 

How To Keep Your Car From Rusting From The Snow

In most cases, rust begins during cold seasons. Rusty components can damage your vehicle and weaken the frame of your car. Let’s review the best ways to prevent rust.

  1. Monitor your wheel wells, bumper, and tires. If you notice paint wearing between in your wheel wells, clean and dry the area. Then, apply an anti-rust spray.
  2. Inspect underneath your car. In addition to the hood, trunk, and drain plugs, rust from chemicals or salty roads may also develop on your vehicle’s frame.
  3. Wash your car. Rust can form and spread quickly when excess dirt, sand, and salt accumulate. If it’s been a while since your car’s last bath, give it a quick cleanse. 

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