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Top Tips for Luxury Car Waxing

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Top Tips for Luxury Car Waxing

If you want to keep your luxury car looking like it belongs in a showroom and protect its value, you should clean and wax it regularly with products specially designed for your car.

To keep your car sparkling clean, you’ll need an appropriate automotive wash, a wool mitt or a soft sponge, an ammonia-free cleaner for your windows, an acid-free, pH-balanced cleaner for your wheels, a dual-action polisher premium car waxes, and polishing compound, and carnauba or polymer wax.

Waxing your car is possibly the most important step, as it seals in all the work you’ve just done washing it, provides a protective layer against dirt and grime, and adds a beautiful, glossy finish.

Here’s how to pick the best high-end wax for your luxury car and the steps to waxing a car.

How to Pick the Right Luxury Car Wax?

Most car wax products consist of carnauba wax, which is derived from Brazilian palm leaves, plus other organic or synthetic compounds. Premium car waxes supplement carnauba wax with other natural waxes and synthetic polymers to give a richer shine than carnauba wax alone. but in order to do so you need proper car waxing techniques. We’ll talk about it later in the article.

Additionally, a car wax made of mostly carnauba wax will have a hard texture and be difficult to use. A label that claims car wax is “100% carnauba wax” is deceptive because products usually contain at most 30% carnauba content in order to make the wax usable.

There are multiple forms of wax, including sprays, pastes, and liquids. Paste waxes require a bit of work but offer the longest-lasting results and are well-suited for luxury cars.

According to dealerships, the best wax for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is a polymer wax, which sets more quickly and tends to leave less of a haze on the surface.

Luxury Car Wax Steps

1. Wash, Rinse, and Dry

Depending on how long it’s been since you gave your car some TLC, you may be able to just do a quick wash with a specialized cleaner and add a top coat of wax. If your car has more stuck-on dirt, you’ll want to wash it thoroughly from top to bottom, leaving the dirtiest areas at the bottom for last. When washing a luxury car, you should work carefully to remove all debris that could create scratches if left behind. After washing, completely rinse your car, including the underside, especially if you need to clear away road salt. Finally, dry your car with a soft, absorbent towel. It’s highly likely that you’ll see swirl marks if you let your car air dry.

2. Use a Clay Bar and Polish

Use a clay bar to buff out stubborn, stuck-on residues after washing. Tree sap is an example of a residue that will be hard to remove with soap alone.

If you haven’t washed your car in a while, you’ll want to polish it to buff out tiny scratches and protect your paint from further damage. Apply two to four coats of a dual-action compound and buff it in with a Buffing Ball. Specially designed for polishing chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces, the Buffing Ball is made of Italian viscose fibers that won’t overheat or get caked up with product like foam buffers can.

3. Wax

Waxing is the step that will seal in all the work you’ve just done and protect your car from UV rays, chemical and environmental agents, and general dirt and grime. Once you’ve selected a super car wax, all you have to do is work it in with a soft towel. Take your time on each area, and watch your car begin to gleam like new. With another clean towel, buff out the remaining product, and repeat if you’d like.

Here’s a tip: Don’t wax your car in direct sunlight or freezing weather. Luxury car wax works best in cool temperatures, so wax your car in the shade on a hot day or in the garage on a cold one.

Keep Your Luxury Car Looking Brand New With CleanTools

Although a shiny, freshly waxed car will already look stunning, you can take your car to the next level with attention to detail. And there are quick, easy ways to add that extra oomph. Grab a Dash Gear cloth to whisk away dust and lint from your dashboard, navigation screens, and upholstery. Stash The Glosser®, which cleans and waxes in one stroke, in your trunk to eliminate minor dirt spots and extend the life of your wax job. Keep your luxury car looking car show ready between washes and waxes with CleanTools.

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