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Wash and Polish Your Car

First things first, you need a wash. Car fanatics know, if you’re entering a car show, your car should be in pristine condition. Start off by washing your car then following with a polish, glaze & wax.

If there are any minor imperfections on the car, you can use a smoothing hand polish to gently buff out the imperfections. After the car has been polished, it’s helpful to apply a finishing glaze and sealant to lock in your shine. Glazes are used to gently fill in minor scratches on the surface of your car and help them to appear less visible.

Another important step to making your car a show stopper is conditioning. Conditioners are used to revive surfaces including tires, seats, dashboards, and trim. Lastly, conduct the final touch up process with a gentle cloth like The Glosser® from CleanTools. This cloth does two jobs for the price of one! Using gentle pressure, The Glosser® will release cleaners to remove any remaining surface contaminants while leaving behind a thin layer of wax for the ultimate finish. With these few steps, your car will be in tip-top shape in no time.

Tips for Preparing for a Car Show

What to Expect at the Car Show

Car shows are a great way to show off your handiwork and see others as well. You can expect to see some serious high-dollar collectors and magnificent restoration pieces. Mostly, auto shows are great for car enthusiasts to share their passion for automobiles.

Depending on whether or not you are attending the car show to see cars or show your own, there’s plenty to do. You can easily spend all day looking at others’ work and learn tons about cars. Most owners at car shows are more than willing to teach you all about detailing your car, where to source parts from, how to differentiate one vehicle from another, history about the car, and much more. Car shows are an excellent place to network with other car enthusiasts and brands—so if that sounds like something you would enjoy you should look up where the next car show is near you.

What to Bring With You to a Car Show

Some ideas of items you can bring with you to a car show include:

  • Cash: Most of the time, there is an entry fee at the front gate or concessions for sale. Having cash on hand makes transactions simple.
  • Car Info: Showing off your pride a joy? It’s a great idea to bring the information you have on the car, including the make, model, modifications made, or anything with historical significance.
  • Music: If the car show event doesn’t have a DJ, it’s a good idea to bring your own music. You can it playing from inside your car or set up a system outside. Either way, it will help set the mood for your car’s prime time period and attract people to come to check it out.
  • Contact Information: As we mentioned previously, car shows are an awesome network opportunity. You should bring something that has your contact information to share with other car fanatics.
  • Folding Chairs and Table: Chances are you won’t be walking around for the entirety of the show so it’s a good idea to bring folding chairs and table if possible. This way you’ll have somewhere to sit once you’re done walking around. It’s also a good idea to bring some sort of sun protection to keep your spot shaded and cool if needed.

Whether you’re planning on showing off your car, checking out others, or both—these simple tips will help prepare you for your car show visit!

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