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Your Guide on How To Get Rid of Scratches on Car Surfaces

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Your Guide on How To Get Rid of Scratches on Car Surfaces

Have you ever gotten into your car and noticed a new scratch appear? You don’t know how it got there and tried to avoid it from happening at every turn. Maintaining your vehicle exterior is a challenge for everyone and you shouldn’t feel alone in what to do.

If you’re unsure as to how to remove scuff marks from your car or want to know ways to prevent it from happening, here’s what you need to know.   

Causes of Scratches and Paintwork Damage

Unfortunately, a nick in the paint can happen at any point for many reasons, such as: 

  • Going through car washes. 

  • Car washes are very convenient in being located all around to quickly wash and dry your car, but can cause long-term damage. The large rollers are not soft or absorbentthey collect dirt in the bristles, which can leave scratches and swirls on your car. 

  • Driving too close to bushes and trees.

  • Sometimes nature can be unruly and if you’re not careful, a stray branch could be the reason for a scratch on top or the side of your car. 

  • Hitting curbs or parking barriers.

  • This one might be more obvious, but hitting a curb or parking barrier could cause a chip, scratch, or even dent in your car. 

  • Snow, hail, and bad weather.

  • Hail is a notorious offender in scratching your vehicle. You should also be cautious about removing snow from your car, as the ice scrapers can scratch your paintwe recommend using a de-icer instead. 

  • Gravel or small stones on the road.

  • Even if all precautions are taken, there is still the possibility of a random rock flying from the road that cracks your windshield or grazes the paint. 

  • Water spots that become water etching. 

  • Water contains trace amounts of minerals like calcium, iron, salt, and other pollutants. When water evaporates from your vehicle’s surface, these contaminants are left behind to bake into the surface. The longer they sit, the more they bond and eat away at the clear coat. 

    Which Products and Compounds Can Help To Remove Scratches?

    Many options in products and compounds help to remove scratches and scraps from your vehicle, but finding the right one can be difficult. Remember, though, that the best scratch remover is to prevent them from happening in the first place—you can do that with the best car cleaning products from CleanTools.  

    Car Scratch Remover Kit

    Kits to remove or repair scratches is the go-to method for most people. They contain everything you need, including scratch removal polish and paste, touch-up paint, and buffers. 

    Car Scratch Remover Pen

    This type of scratch remover is a pen filled with a clear coat of resin which is the same material as the topcoat of a vehicle paint job. When you apply the pen, the resin fills in the gap of the scratch and removes it. 

    Deep Car Scratch Remover

    If the scratch on your car is too deep, particularly down to the bare metal, then you may need to take it in and have someone professionally remove it. 

    Car Scratch Remover Spray

    Sprays that promise to remove scratches will only work if they’re shallow, and aren't as effective when it comes to buffing and getting out deep scratches. 

    CleanTools Buffing Ball

    These Buffing Balls are great for removing oxidation and light scratches from headlights, taillights, and plastic windshields. They are also easy to use with a hex-shaped metal shaft that attaches to any electric or air drill. 

    Interior Scratch Remover Car

    If you have more scratches inside your car than outside, make sure you get the right scratch-removal products since most cars' interior is made of plastic. 

    Black Car Wax

    If you have a black or dark-colored car, you can use black car wax for scratches. Unlike regular wax that fills in the scratch, black wax doesn’t leave any white residue. 

    How Does a Scratch Remover Compound Work?

    A scratch remover compound has very fine abrasives in it to smooth the scratch on the car and blend the coat to give it a smooth-looking finish. These “abrasives” are micro and are similar to what’s found in toothpaste. 

    Ways to Prevent Your Car from Swirls and Light Scratches

    Preventing your car from scrapes and swirls is key to keeping your car looking sleek and brand-new. To do this, keep these tips in mind:

    Washing Your Car Properly

    With products like  Wash Mitt, you can feel confident about washing off dirt and grime with no risk of scratching your vehicle from particles stuck in the Wash Mitt, unlike other rags or wash mitts. After you wash your car, make sure it gets the best dry possible with The Absorber, our super-absorbent and soft drying tool. 

    Polishing Your Car

    Polishing your car greatly benefits in reducing and removing scratches. Not only that, polishing your car: 

    • Decontaminates the paintwork that cleaners alone can't remove.
    • Helps with paint correction and restores fading paint. 
    • Enhances gloss, shine, and color rejuvenation. 

    Prevent and Remove Scratches From Your Car With CleanTools

    To truly avoid scratches and swirls on your car, it takes special care and attention that includes using the right tools. However, there are many situations where scratches are unavoidable. There could be a random flying rock that grazes your paint or another careless driver who slams their car door into yours when you’re parked. There are many different products and compounds you can try to remove scratches with, but they may not always be effective depending on how deep the cut is. It’s best to maintain your car by properly washing it, not putting it through an automated car wash, and polishing the exterior to reduce the causes of scratches and swirls on your car.

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