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3 Steps to Washing Your Truck After Mudding

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Truck Mudding

Driving around town with a mud-covered truck may raise the eyebrows of average commuters—but to you? That mud is like a medal of honor splayed across your vehicle’s body and undercarriage. However, don’t subject your four-wheeled flame to the sun for too long. Mud becomes a hard, caked residue if it’s been exposed to the sun for a long time, making it harder to scrub off.

We’ve composed a short list of tips that you can follow to make your rig shine after mudding—just so you can gear up to do it all over again.

How To Clean Your Truck After Mudding

Before you start washing, make sure you have the right tools for the job:

Got everything? Good. Let’s get started.

  1. Give It a Power Wash

Washing your truck mudding rig is no job for a run-of-the-mill garden hose. Instead, use a pressure washer on your mudding truck. You’ll want to do this as soon as your tires hit the driveway. 

A pressure washer is best to loosen hard chunks of mud and makes the rest of the washing process easier. Take care in pressure washing the entire body and chassis, as the undercarriage of your truck has collected the majority of mud.

  1. Start Scrubbing

Here’s where that elbow grease comes in handy. After you’ve finished pressure washing, soap up a good wash mitt and start scrubbing your mud truck from the roof to the rims. 

Remember to pop the hood and wipe away any muddy residue that got stuck around your engine bay. Dried mud on your radiator can cause your rig to overheat—so don’t overlook those hard-to-reach areas. Gently scrub against every nook and cranny capable of harboring mud.

  1. Dry With the Absorber®

Once you’ve scrubbed, rinsed, scrubbed, and rinsed again, it’s time to dry. By using a hyper-absorbent towel like The Absorber®, you’ll be able to dry your truck twice as fast as your old terrycloth will. The Absorber® is made of durable PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) and will dry away excess water in just one wipe. Finish with wax of your choice.

When you’ve wrapped up your wash, take it for a short drive down the block to ensure everything works properly. Mudding takes a toll on vehicles, so now is the time to identify and troubleshoot any issues.

Power Washing Muddy Truck

Tackle Tough Mud With CleanTools

We get it—truck mudding is fun. But cleaning your rig afterward? Not so much. Luckily CleanTools has the tools you need to make the washing process less agonizing. Reduce your dips into the sud bucket by using our long-lasting Premium Wash Mitt. Our wash mitt holds soap twice as long with its special wool, polyester, and nylon blend—and when it’s time to dry, it’s time for The Absorber® to shine. 

Using The Absorber®, you can count on a fast, safe, and thorough dry—so you can get your rig back out in the mud before you know it. Stock your garage with CleanTools and shop our products today.

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