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Top 4 Gifts For Your Car Enthusiast

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Top 4 Gifts For Your Car Enthusiast

Looking for a gift that will satisfy the leadfoot in your life? Whether your loved one is a hot-rodder, drag racer, rat-rodder, or gearhead, there’s one thing they all have in common—and it’s not just a love for speed and gasoline. 

Car enthusiasts want their vehicles to look good. From car shows to cruising, the auto lover in your life loves to fire up a clean car—so start your engines and let’s take a look at the top four gifts for your car enthusiast.

Give the Gift of a Clean Car 

We know a thing or two about cleaning here at CleanTools. We also understand how important it is for a car enthusiast to have a spotless vehicle. Luckily, we have the right tools for your loved one to fall in love with their vehicle all over again. Give your car lover the gift of a car show-ready vehicle with the perfect wash, polish, and dry.

1. Premium Wash Mitt


Wash Mitt


Your car lover cringes at scratching their four-wheeled baby. The premium Wash Mitt eliminates that fear. Because of its non-abrasive wool, polyester, and nylon blend, the Wash Mitt is designed to hold soap and water longer than your average microfiber towel for an easy, sudsy wash.

2. Buffing Ball


Buffing Ball


What’s a show-worthy car without a little—or a lot—of shine? CleanTools Buffing Balls are designed to polish chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces to give your car lover’s vehicle a mirror finish shine. With speeds up to 2500 RPM, Buffing Balls will buff away all dirt, debris, and grime—so your motorhead’s vehicle will be Instagram-worthy in no time.

3. Dash Gear 


Dash Gear


It’s no secret that the dashboard is a dust collector. With Dash Gear, your gearhead can remove all of the lint, dirt, and fibers collecting around the dash and vents for a pristine finish. When you use Dash Gear, you and your car enthusiast can also clean off phones and other dust-prone electronics. The best part? Dash Gear comes in a resealable pouch for easy storing in the glove compartment or center console.

4. The Absorber®


The Absorber Automotive Towel


There’s a reason why car enthusiasts love The Absorber®. Kick terrycloth towels and chamois to the curb with this water-hungry cloth. Made of PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol), The Absorber® is soft, safe, and lasts for years. Surprise your car lover with their new favorite ultra-absorbent cleaning product—so they can get out of the driveway and onto the blacktop faster than they ever imagined.

Find the Perfect Gift at CleanTools

There’s a reason why car enthusiasts have been shopping at CleanTools for over 40 years. With durable, innovative products like the beloved Absorber®, car lovers have kept their vehicles looking sharp for decades. The better you take care of your car, the longer it will last—so give your car lover the gift of a clean car—no matter where the road takes them. Check out all of our products in our online store.

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