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Wax vs. Sealant: What’s the Difference?

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difference between wax and sealant

If you own a car, chances are you have probably wondered what the difference is between wax and sealants. After all, both work to protect your vehicle’s paint job. The difference boils down to three things: the climate, your lifestyle, and your personal preference. 

Below are the defining characteristics between wax and sealants. Find out which one suits your ride best.

What Does Wax Do?

Wax is used to protect your vehicle’s paint job from heat, UV rays, and other harmful contaminants in the air. It also creates a breathable barrier between the paint and moisture. Rainwater and road spray can easily ruin paint over time, but wax plays a considerable role in protecting the look of your ride. Wax typically lasts upwards of three months.

Here are the nuts and bolts of wax:

  • Wax protects your vehicle’s paint
  • Wax repels moisture and rainwater
  • Wax lasts between two and three months

What About Sealants?

Now let’s shift gears and take a look at sealants, and try to answer what are sealants. Sealants are often preferred among professional detailers due to their durability and longevity. Unlike wax, sealants can protect your paint job all year long. In addition to protection from heat, UV rays, chemicals, and moisture, sealants work to keep your car’s paint job looking as fresh as the day you brought it home.

Here are the nuts and bolts of sealants:

  • Sealants protect your vehicle’s paint
  • Sealants keep your paint looking new
  • Sealants can last six months up to a year

Should I Use Wax or Sealants?

Are you still on the fence? That’s okay. Wax and sealants are a lot like siblings. They’re similar, but not entirely the same. If you are unsure whether to use wax or sealants, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is your car being stored?
  • What’s the climate like where you live?
  • How much time and commitment do you have?
  • What is your preference?

Sealants would be your best choice if you live in an area with harsh weather and road conditions. On the other hand, you can get away with using wax if you live in an area where the weather is fairly tame year-round. However, the general rule of thumb is that you should always make your decision based on your personal preference. The good news is that there is no wrong answer.

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