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4 Tips For Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

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For some, nothing is more exciting than buying a new car. The feeling you get when you first get behind the wheel is indescribable. Understandably, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that you can hold onto that feeling for as long as possible. That means keeping your car looking brand-new for as long as you can. That also means taking care of your new car’s paint is especially important. Maintaining that new-car look requires a lot of time and dedication, but you probably don’t need an excuse to spend time with your new car, anyway.

Here are a few of the most important tips that can tell you how to keep your car clean & looking brand new:

1. Wash Your New Car Regularly To Keep It Looking Shiny

Get into a regular routine of washing your car properly. Giving your car a bath once a week will remove any dirt or grime that it may have picked up on the road and keep it from doing lasting damage to the finish. Cleaning Tip: make sure you use a soap that won’t be too harsh on your paint. Also, always use a separate rag for cleaning your wheels to avoid rubbing brake dust into the surface.

2. Dry Your Car Properly

Just letting your car drip-dry in the sun certainly is easy, but it’s definitely not good for its paint job. When water droplets evaporate, they leave any minerals or dirt they may have been holding onto — meaning, it’s as if you hardly washed your car. Grit and dirt can scratch and damage your paint job, leading to that dull, faded look that’s the opposite of what you want. After giving your car a thorough washing, follow it up right away with a good drying tool, The Absorber from CleanTools. Its unique polyvinyl alcohol composition means it acts like a sponge, drawing water away from your car’s paint. Because it can be wrung and used repeatedly on the same vehicle, The Absorber is the perfect tool for drying your new car.

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3. Remove Any Splotches From Your Car Immediately

Tree sap, bird droppings, and other splotches are unsightly, but there’s more than one reason why you should clean them up right away. Not only can these deposits become much harder to remove after they dry and set, but they also may contain acids that can break down your car’s finish. Use a rag or mitt with mild soap and lots of water to gently scrub these splotches away before they have a chance to harden and cause damage to your car’s paint.

4. Keep Your New Car Away From the Car Wash

You’re eager to show off your new car and keep it looking nice but avoid the urge to take it to the car wash. Many automated car washes use detergents that are formulated to be extra-tough on dirt, which also makes them extra-tough on your paint. That’s not even mentioning the spinning brushes that can take off more than dirt. Washing your car by hand is the best way to help ensure that your car’s paint will continue to look new. Follow these simple tips will help you to understand how to keep a car clean.


The feeling of buying a new car is a great one, and it’s one you’ll want to hold onto for as long as possible. If you’re interested in knowing how to keep car paint looking new, check out everything CleanTools has to offer for automotive care.

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