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If you don’t take the time to dry your car properly after washing it, you might as well have not washed it at all. Despite all the effort you may have put into cleaning the exterior, letting Mother Nature handle the final step is a bad idea. Leaving your vehicle to air-dry in the sun leads to water spots, which can hurt its look and do lasting damage to its finish.

When the droplets evaporate, the dirt and minerals they contained don’t always float away with them. They can remain on the surface, leaving unsightly dull areas. What’s worse, dust and grit get another chance to scratch your paint. This is why knowing how to dry your car after a wash is just as important as using the right cleaning techniques.

Here are some pointers to show you how to dry your car after washing or how to dry out the car after washing so it will continue to look its best:

Start With a Rinse

The best way to dry a car after washing begins with proper rinsing. Spray the outside indirectly with your hose on a medium or light setting. The trick here is to wet all of it evenly without using too much pressure. You want the water to be heavy enough to pull anything on the surface with it, without splattering. Allow the water to run off for about a minute or two before moving to the next step.

Get the Right Tools

Many people wipe their cars with an old beach towel or rag. That’s dangerous because your standard terrycloth towels may be more harmful than you think. The best way to dry the car after wash is using a high-quality chamois or microfiber cloth will do the job well because it can absorb more moisture without scratching your paint. It's considered the best way to get moisture out of the car. For example, The Absorber from CleanTools uses a unique polyvinyl alcohol material that helps soak up more water than other types of towels.

Dry Your Wheels Separately

One of the most crucial car drying tips is to use a separate towel for your wheels. The brake dust and grit from them can be transferred easily to whatever cloth you’re using. That means you’ll be working these abrasive substances into your finish as you dry the body. You should also learn how to dry your brakes, the wet brakes might not do their job properly as dry brakes.

Work Quickly

This is especially important if you’re working on a hot summer day. The longer it takes you, the more likely it will be that droplets will have a chance to evaporate and leave spots on your vehicle. The good news is that once you learn how to properly dry a car, you’ll be able to move as fast as you need.

Looking Good

Knowing how to dry off your car after a wash is just as necessary for a good-looking vehicle as the soaping and rinsing. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to get great results.

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