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There are few things that will make your car stand out the same way a matte finish can. Matte finish car paint can give your car a unique look that you won’t find on your average car dealership lot. Whether you’re looking for a way to get all eyes on your car when you cruise the streets or just prefer the way it looks over gloss paint, matte car paint can be a great alternative to the same-old, same-old.

However, even if you’re excited by the possibility of giving your car the matte treatment, you may be reluctant to do so because you’re confused about how to best take care of it. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there from many sources about the proper way to care for matte automotive paint, and it can be enough to send anyone running back to the gloss paint aisle of their local automotive store. Yet even though there may be a lot of misinformation out there about how you can care for matte finishes, the truth is, you can keep a matte finish looking great with the right knowledge and tools.

Here are some of the myths about matte finishes as well as the truth:

Myth No. 1 — Dishwashing soap works just fine on matte finishes.

There’s a belief that because matte auto paint doesn’t shine like glossy paint, it’s fine to use the same soap you would use on your cereal bowls. Although it may not look like it, matte paint has a clear coat on it, and dishwashing liquid often contains ingredients that will cut through the sealant the same way it cuts through grease. You’re better off buying a bottle of specially formulated matte car wash soap.


Myth No. 2 — Caring for a matte finish requires a lot more work than a gloss finish.

The thinking behind this myth is that if something is less common, it’s “special” and therefore requires more attention. It’s true that matte finishes are less common, but they’re no more work to care for than a regular finish. You just need to know what to use — such as the specific matte soap mentioned above and a car wash towel that works well with the finish. For instance, DipRagz™ from CleanTools are made of a special sponge-like material. Meaning, it won’t snag fibers on the surface of the finish the way an ordinary towel would.


Myth No. 3 — There’s no way to protect a matte finish.

When matte finishes first hit the market, one of the knocks against it was that there was no way to protect it because wax would get clogged in the finish and make it look dull and pasty. Today, however, there are a variety of sealants made specifically for matte paint that do the job of protecting the finish without the negative effects wax has on it.


Now that you have a better understanding of how easy it can be to take care of a matte finish, you may be ready to take the plunge and give your car the look you want. If and when you do, make sure that your garage is stocked with DipRagz™ to keep your car’s matte finish looking and performing at its best.

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